We are YouView

We exist for one purpose alone — to deliver the best consumer experience

We lead the field in viewer experience

Our team of specialists share an obsession to create the world’s best TV experience.

Making great content more accessible, more tailored, and simpler to find and watch. It’s what keeps us up at night.

We’re smart innovators

Our culture attracts and retains top talent because we encourage innovation, learning and development everyday.

Our partners value and invest as we break new ground transforming our customers’ experience.

We thrive on data

Data is at the heart of everything we do – the more YouView is used the better it gets.

It helps us shape a better more tailored experience for our customer.

We’re the ‘trust mark’ that stands for viewers first

Wherever the YouView trust mark appears it guarantees an experience that has your interests at heart.

An experience that gives freedom and choice to unlock all the best content out there.

Our trust mark

We are more than a logo… we are a ‘trust mark’.
Our trust mark guarantees – quality, simplicity, always improving and with customers at our heart.




Our Values

We’re Always Ahead

We hire the best and work as one. Informed by data but inspired by insight, we find brilliant new ways of making the complex simple

We’re Smart

Working with our partners and understanding their customers we shape the perfect TV experience around our viewers

We’re on your side

We are focused on the future, continuously evolving and innovating to bring a better TV experience everyday


Re-engineered and re-designed Next Generation YouView is simpler, more streamlined and image rich. Discover some of the UK’s best television shows through the beautiful new interface harnessing the power of the Cloud and rendered in HTML5.

Tone of Voice

Every time we talk about YouView, we make an impression. That makes words the most readily available brand-building tool we have. So with our values at the core, we have to define and manage the way we use words across the business in order to build a strong brand.

We are
always ahead

This drives tone
What we say


We only speak about things that are genuinely useful to our audience or distinctive about our service

We are
on your side

This drives tone
How we say it


We speak the same language as our audience, keeping it simple with a friendly, informal tone.

We are

This drives tone
How we say it


We’re lively and playful, adding touches of wit and energy to show enthusiasm for what we do.

It's not what you say... but how you say it!

We have two core font families:

Amsi Pro Condensed is used for headlines and call-outs in marketing materials across print and digital such as user guides or the YouView website.

FS Me is the primary UI typeface and is also used for body text.

Each font family has weight options to aid readable headlines, body copy and the ability to add visual emphasis to text.

Headings and call-outs for print and on-line

Body text and primary UI font

FS Me Light font sample

FS ME Regular Font Sample

FS Me Bold Font Sample

FS Me Heavy font sample

Angled Slice

The angled slice originates directly from the YouView trust mark.

To aid brand consistency there are eight angles to choose from with four being ‘Primary angles’ and four being ‘Secondary angles’. These angles can be measured either clockwise or anti-clockwise (-º) from a vertical axis of 0º.

Primary angles
Primary angles are set at 19º, 28º, -19º and -28º. These are based on multiples from a vertical point of 0º to the outer edges of the ‘v’ in YouView.

Secondary angles
Secondary angles are set at 14.5º, 23.5º, -14.5º and -23.5º. These are based on multiples from a vertical point of 0º to the inner edges of the ‘v’ in YouView.


The full icon suite has been redesigned for use across any presentation and communication you may create. However, ensure context is correct for use.

YouView Iconography

Our palette includes the YouView blues, YouView greys and white. The use of the bright blue, dark grey and white are very important as it instils the feel of the new brand and that we are a forward thinking technology company.

Download Colour Palette


Our photography feels positive, cool and aspirational, focusing on the freedom that YouView gives our audience. The subject matter is mainly lifestyle lead rather than people using the actual product. This aids communication hierarchy when we need to switch between the benefit vs. the product.

The imagery should always have a strong light source which is emphasised by the use of lens flares. A warm hue is key as this keeps the imagery feeling positive. We have also created a set of four image treaments to give great ownership of the brand imagery.


The following assets are available to download. Simply register to get access and then login.

Logo Pack

Contains white, blue, and black YouView logos for print and digital use.

Log In to download

Image Overlay

Contains a Photoshop document with multiple image overlay options, and a photography sample.

Colour Palette

Contains an Adobe .ase colour palette, as well as RGB, CMYK, and PMS values.

Brand Guidelines

The complete YouView brand guidelines as a .pdf

YouView Icons

A selection of YouView iconography. Choose from .eps, .png, .svg, .or .jpg formats for print and digital applications.